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Tutorial – greenDAO from Scratch-Part 3

In part 2 we created a RecyclerView and, of course, the main Activity. That’s not too bad, but still not very useful, because we can not really use the app (yet, I promise). So this time we are going to implement another activity that shows all details of a lease and lets us create new and delete existing entities – it is basically close to be CRUD.

Originally this series was intended to have 3 parts, but during this part we realized the 3rd post is getting too long. Well, we’ll make it 4 parts…
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Tutorial – greenDAO from Scratch-Part 2

In part 1 we were dealing with DaoGenerator, only, and did not do anything that was really related to Android itself – no Activities or Fragments are there yet. This time it is different: we are going to implement our apps main RecyclerView (with all classes needed to make it work) and load our list of leases. For the impatient: we are adding a method to mock some data in the end, so we can see, if everything works as expected.

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